Saturday, July 4, 2009

Ned the Needle Felted Octopus

I made Ned for a work art show. He is made out of wool using a technique called needle felting. He took about 6 hours on and off.


  1. That is gold. Do you still have Ned's habitat?

  2. i found the bowl on the other side of the room. then i gave the bowl to Tzanko to put a read fish in it haha

  3. :D awesome!! i also really like the profile sketch, its very awesome!

  4. Yo Steph!
    I just found your blog, Via seasons mustfuls blog that i follow which lead to sarah bakers which eventually lead to yours! How things been going? where you at nowadays, what you doing with yourself? hit me up sometme ==>

    PS. FRIGGIN DOPE OCTOPUS! How big is it?